Each piece of the Sunset Furniture Collection is hand-made from the finest Teak or Oak in England.

When exposed to the elements Teak and Oak will gradually change to an elegant 'Silver' colour.

We recommend an annual scrub with very weak caustic soda to maintain a 'Fresh' appearance.

The pieces made from Teak can be left outside all year round. The pieces made from Oak would benefit from being stored or protected during the winter months.

The Sunset design was conceived to be made in the finest Teak for its durability, fine grain and crisp finish.

In addition we make the SUNSET FURNITURE COLLECTION in FSC European Oak or in FSC Reclaimed Teak (subject to availability).

We hold our own FSC chain of custody certificate SA-COC-1654-CB.

We are constantly developing additional pieces for the collection and are happy to discuss any special requirements you may have.

Any piece of Sunset Furniture can be fitted with our LED lighting system. Systems start from 475 for a slowly rotating or single fixed colour.

This initial cost includes a driver that can power up to three lighting units.

We will quote for each individual installation, the cost depends on the number of pieces and the complexity of control required.

Furniture fitted with lighting must be secured in place with the brackets provided and be connected by a qualified electrician.

The Sunset Furniture Collection works well in formal groups of varying size and configuration.

A single piece can work well as an occasional piece anywhere in the garden.

We take Intellectual Property very seriously and are members of ACID (Anti Copying In Design).

All Rights Reserved - Jonathan Stockton - SUNSET Registered Community Design No. 000415831-0001-0007.